A – Ambulance

We have a wheelchair accessible ambulance and a individual disability vehicle called ‘Broomerang’ to help you get to and from any appointments. It can also be made available if you wish to go out. 

B – Building
We regularly upgrade and improve fabric, fittings and equipment of our buildings. We use our maintenance team for small projects, such as the redecoration of a bedroom and external contractors are brought in for larger jobs. 

C – Catering
We offer a wide range of food choices. Our Chef Manager is Mr Wayne Gladding and he is available to speak to you about anything food related.

D – Death and Dying
With our staff you can have open and honest discussions about your end of life care, your wishes and funeral arrangements. 

E – Events
We hold special events throughout the year which are put on by ‘The Friends of Broome Park.’ These include an annual Garden Party, “Picnic in the Park”, a firework display and also a resident’s New Year Party. 

F- Furniture
You are welcome to bring your own furniture and individual effects to personalise your room.

G – GP
Every resident is registered with Dr. Gupta, our local GP. He holds a weekly ward-round and medication is dispensed from his surgery in Newdigate. 

H – Health and Social Care
You will be looked after by a team of nurses and experienced carers. Any outpatient appointments can be made for you and you will only be admitted to hospital if it is absolutely necessary. 

I – Internet
Our specialised computer and IT facilities are available to you to email or Skype your family members or friends and for you to browse the internet. 

J – Join FOBP
The “Friends of Broome Park” is a registered charity and is dedicated to improving the quality of lives for all the residents. Please speak to any member of staff if you wish to learn more about the FOBP. 

K – Keep us informed
At Broome Park Nursing Home your wellbeing and health is important to us. Please talk to us if you have any worries or concerns and tell us about any changes or updates. 

L – Laundry
Your clothes can be washed and dried on site and returned to you within 24 hours unless you wish for your family members to continue assisting you with your laundry.

M – Mail
Your mail will be forwarded to you and we are happy to post any letters on your behalf. 

N – Newspapers
At an additional charge you can receive newspapers or magazines. 

O – Out and About
Staff will take every opportunity to support residents who want to involve themselves in activities outside of the home helping them to maintaining their independence and links with the wider community, their families and friends. 

P – Pets
If as a prospective resident you own a pet and do not want to be parted from it, we will do our best to accommodate both of you. 

Q – Queries
There is always someone who is happy to answer any questions you may have 24 hours a day; 7 days a week. 

R – Religion
All faiths and beliefs are welcome and you can invite your own minister or ask us to arrange a representative for you. 

S – Staff
Our teams include; Registered Nurses, Carers, Secretarial, Finance, Housekeeping, Laundry, Maintenance and Catering Staff and an Activities Co-ordinator. 

T – Training
A well trained and educated workforce is fundamental to deliver high quality care. In addition, all our staff have undertaken comprehensive training in activities. 

U – Uniforms

Nurse Manager
Nurse Manager

Team Leader
Team Leader

SSN     Senior Staff Nurse

Staff Nurse
Staff Nurse

HCAHealth Care Advisor

CCare Assistantare Assistant



Kitchen Staff


V – Visitors
Your family and friends are welcome to visit or telephone you at any time; they do not need to make an appointment. 

W – Working with other professionals
Broome Park offers domicillary optician, podiatry and dental services (which mean they come and visit you at the home). We also have complimentary therapists and hairdressers that attend too. 

X – Going the Xtra mile
We aim to go that little bit further to ensure Broome Park is YOUR HOME and not just a place where you reside. 

Y – You (Personalisation)
You are important to us and we respect you as an individual, therefore your stay at Broome Park will be all about you, your family, your care and your needs. 

Z – Zzzz
Night care is seen as a continuation of the care and support provided throughout the day. You will be assisted to get a good night’s rest by the night care team.