Picnic in the Park!!!

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August 2017 Newsletter

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August 2017

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Broome Park Residents!

This month’s life history is a special life history – special because Victor sadly died a few days after the life history was completed by Les Streater.  However, his wife and family have very bravely said they would like still like his life history to be sent out. To read Victor’s life history, please click the link below:


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July 2017

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July 2017

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Broome Park Residents!

This month’s resident is Barbara Hayward. To read her bulletin please click the link:

Barbara Hayward

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June 2017 Newsletter

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June 2017

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London Calling

London Marathon Day


So after all the months of preparation the day was finally here.

The day started with an early 5am wakeup call followed by my race day porridge and fruit. I was surprised how awake I was feeling at this ridiculously early time of the morning but looking back I think it was a mixture of nerves and adrenaline that was helping me in this department.

By the time I got to the train station and met up with running buddies the excitement was really kicking in, already there were so many people heading into London the atmosphere was staring to build. The connection from London Bridge to Greenwich was where I first realised the amount of people running this was going to exceed my expectations. 40,000 people is obviously a huge amount of runners but it’s not until you see them all in one place, with one goal that it really takes your breath away.

We had timed the morning so that we only really had an hScreenshot_20170424-213041our of hanging around before the 10am start time so this time was spent taking in fluids, stretching and dropping our bags off. What struck me at this point was how well organised everything was, I guess after putting on the same event for over 30 years the organisers have it all running like clockwork.

10am was fast approaching; myself and my two running buddies positioned ourselves in amongst all the other runners, a sea of bodies ahead and behind was an amazing sight. As you would expect the race started at 10am sharp and slowly we began to move, it took around 15 mins before we even got over the start line where we able to just about pick up a gentle jog. For the next 3 miles it was a case of trying to find a position in amongst all the other runners that suited my pace. This was the plan before the race however it soon became apparent once we had joined up with the other mass of runners that finding my position in the field was going to be easier said than done.

After about 6 miles of weaving in and out of people trying to find my position I came to realise that running the greatest marathon in the world in this way was not how I wanted to remember this amazing event so I made the decision to sit in amongst runners I was with at the time and hope that it would thin out as the run went on.  The next few miles were great, I may have been going slower than I wanted but I was able to enjoy the sights and atmosphere, also taking in the massive amount of support there was en route. As the race went on and got into the kind of mileage that scares most amateur runners, my legs were starting to feel it but the support from the crowd pushes you on. On mile 24 after deciding I could no longer ignore my bladder I decided to take a comfort break, probably not the best idea but it had to be done. With my bladder empty and feeling much more comfortable I was looking at picking up my running again which was easier said than done. I found the final two miles really difficult but again with the support of fellow runners and the crowd I just about managed to get myself over that finish line.

I crossed the line in at a time of 4 hours and 2mins, just outside the sub 4 I wanted but I wasn’t too disappointed, I think I was more content than anything.  It was a great day and a great experience, it was finished off in style, meeting up with family and friends and enjoying some good food and strong drinks 🙂

Th20170423_154134e reason behind doing this year’s London Marathon was to raise awareness of our registered charity the Friends of Broome Park but also to raise funds that go towards enriching the lives of the residents of Broome Park.  To date we have raised around £3000 which is a massive amount and exceeds anything we could have thought possible so thank you very much to all who have supported and donated to the cause. It really is appreciated.


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Broome Park Residents!

The Life History bulletins are back! This month’s resident is Lorraine Dann. To read her bulletin please click the link:

Lorraine Dann

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May 2017 Newsletter

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May 2017

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London Calling


So here we are into Tapering! This is the part of training where you are supposed to drop your mileage and allow your body to recover but at the same time make sure you are not doing too little. It is also a time where I will need to watch what I eat, with the mileage dropping its easy to put on weight in the 3 weeks leading to the big day.

April started with a 16 mile Sunday long run along the Worth Way from Crawley to East Grinstead. We have been avoiding the Worth Way all through training because its softness underfoot, I feel it’s important to do as much road running as possible in preparation. Today wasn’t a great day for me, I woke up late, which meant I had breakfast late, which the meant I was running on a full stomach. At around mile 13 I started to get stomach pain which as you can imagine wasn’t pleasant. I managed to get through the whole 16 but learnt a valuable lesson…don’t sleep through your alarm!

Monday started off in the usual fashion with a 6 mile recovery run with the club; with the nights getting lighter it was pretty much still daylight by the time we finished. Onto Wednesday and summer training sessions are in full swing which means we are back at our summer training venue Tilgate Park. Tonight’s plan was the final intensive session before London, a 7 mile with 3 at tempo run. As we were back in Tilgate we chose to do laps of the lake which was really nice, I felt strong tonight. Friday was a steady 7 miler and an opportunity to break in the new marathon trainers. I was feeling a little anxious about this as rather stupidly I had decided to go for different style of trainer which seems a crazy decision so close to London. Luckily the trainers felt great and I completed the 7 miles with no issues.  Sunday was a drop in mileage once again; today we were down to 14 miles however it still felt pretty tough after a busy midweek of running.

Week 2 started back at Tilgate for a recovery 5 miles and an opportunity to chat to some more experienced running buddies who have ran London many times, the advice these guys offer can really put your mind at ease. Wednesday was an 8 miler running at Marathon pace, an opportunity to find that pace I will hopefully be sticking to on the day. Friday was a pleasant 6 mile run around Tilgate and once again an opportunity to quiz running buddies about what to expect, really feeling at ease now. Sunday soon arrived and with it came the final Sunday long run before London. A gentle 10 miles with a few running buddies felt a breeze today. It was finished off with celebratory cooked breakfast afterwards.

The final week before London is here! This is the week where the phantom niggles come into play and nutrition is key in making sure my body is ready for Sunday. This week is all about keeping the legs ticking over and not doing anything to intensive but also making sure I don’t do too little. After an Easter weekend where most will be indulging in Chocolate and other treats I really wanted to keep on top of things and make sure I don’t let myself get too carried away.  Monday started with an easy 5 mile run on my own. Today was the freshest I had felt all throughout training, I’m putting this down to stopping the leg sessions at the gym, it seems to be working. After a rest day Tuesday, Wednesday soon came and was officially the final run before London, a gentle 4 miler with running buddies, a great way to finish off the training.

So that’s it, I will spend the rest of the week keeping my legs ticking over and eating the right foods. On Friday I’m heading into London to collect my number and visit the Expo which I’m looking forward to and should really get me in the mood.

If you would like to follow my progress during the marathon you can download the Virgin Money London Marathon App for IPhone and Android or you can follow me online at http://results-2017.virginmoneylondonmarathon.com/2017/ and search for Anthony Neal or race number 55335

There is also still plenty of time if you would like to donate

For those who are yet to sponsor me you can do it 3 ways

  1. Online at virginmoneygivig.com/AntNeal
  2. Via Text by texting FOBP37 £10 TO 70070
  3. Via sponsorship forms in the Main Office and Stable Cottage

Finally a big thank you for everyone who has supported me so far, your donations will make a huge difference and go a long way in providing the residents of Broome Park with the opportunity to engage in stimulating activities.

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