About Broome Park



  • 50 of our rooms are single

  • 4 of our rooms are en-suite

  • 3 of our rooms allow for 2 people to share

We encourage residents to bring items of furniture, pictures and other personal effects to make their new room truly feel like home. Our excellent maintenance team can decorate, arrange furniture and hang pictures to residents’ desires.



Our food is not the normal food you would expect to find in a nursing home but is closer to what you might find in a good restaurant.  Our chefs create menus that appeal to all the senses, from sight to smell and of course taste.



Set within 11 acres of beautiful grounds, Broome Park can offer the people we care for the facility to walk the grounds enjoying the views and wildlife of the area or to just sit quietly in the sensory garden enjoying the fresh air knowing they are within a safe environment.



We understand that all physical activities, no matter how small, will encourage an active mind.  We also endeavour to supply a wide range of free and funded therapy so that residents receive the same luxuries that they would if they were living in their own home.


We offer permanent, respite or day care placements and provide:


Personalised Care

Moving into a care home can feel like a profound change and perhaps cause feelings of loss for both residents and their loved ones. However, we put personalised care at the forefront of everything we do. We understand that no two individuals are the same and we ensure that each person receives support to their wellbeing that is tailored to their unique needs, personality and wishes.

Residential Care

Residential Care is a wonderful option for people who would benefit from added support with everyday tasks. This enables residents to retain their independence with the reassurance that high-quality wellbeing support is available 24 hours when they need it.

Nursing care

Our residents are cared for by a team of specialist Registered Nurses and qualified Care Assistants. With a passion to support residents’ needs and wellbeing, we can support conditions such as Parkinson’s, stroke, Enteral feeding, Chronic conditions and multiple sclerosis.

Dementia Care

Residents living with dementia can struggle to communicate, which is why we take the time to meet the friends and families of residents, to understand their life stories so that we can better help them. Loved ones often take comfort from the support of our qualified staff, who are able to give the best possible care and help our residents enjoy special moments together.


Mental Health Needs

Our staff are trained to the highest standards to care for people with mental health needs, from depression and personality disorders to those with histories of substance abuse or addictive behaviours.

Learning Disabilities

Having a learning disability means that people find it harder to learn certain life skills. At Broome Park, our trained staff work in partnership with other professionals to support and assist the residents to live an independent, fulfilling life in a safe environment.

Palliative and End of Life Care

We believe it is important for our residents and their families to have the compassion and care needed at this time, ensuring our residents are pain-free, supported in their spiritual beliefs and they live out their lives with dignity and in respect of their wishes.