Meet The Team


General Manager

Ashura Mwilima

I first joined Broome Park 14 years ago as a staff nurse before working my way up to General Manager. My job is to provide a safe and homely environment for residents and staff, and I am driven to continue to give all my effort to this cherished organisation every day.

You can contact Ashura at

Nurse Manager

Farhana Abbas

I enjoy every part of my day here at Broome Park. There is always plenty to do, from talking to and getting to know residents and their families, to resolving any concerns, making plans and researching new ways of working. Everything we do is focused on enhancing resident’s care and experience.

I am proud and fortunate to be part of a passionate team who endeavour to lead the way as a centre of excellence in care.

You can contact Farhana at

Head of Administration and Accounts

Theresa Cowlin 

I am very passionate about the role I play in our home. I like to think that I am helping the company to run to its full potential. That means that I need to control the finances in and out of the business so that all the departments can work and the residents are receiving the best care.

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Head of Housekeeping

Amy Cooper

Having worked at Broome Park for 18 years, I expect the highest standards from my team to ensure that the home is clean and that resident’s laundry is returned to them within a reasonable time.

Over the years I have built up excellent relationships with the residents, relatives and the team and like to think of myself as the go-to person when it comes to housekeeping needs!

Head of Maintenance

Alan Saunders

With over 19 years of experience in the industry, it’s my job to ensure that the home kept safe and inviting for everyone who enters its doors. I oversee all repairs and redecorating and ensure these activities are carried out with minimal disruption for our residents.

Lead lifestyle co-ordinator

Claudia Modiga

My team and I ensure all residents can engage in a variety of meaningful activities tailored to their particular interests.  If you want to discuss any aspect of our activity programme at Broome Park or if you know of any events that you feel our residents would enjoy participating in then please speak to me.

You can contact Claudia via:

Regional Chef

Matthew Jenkins

I have been a professional chef for 19 years and have worked in many award-winning restaurants including Michelin star venues and prestigious hotels. I use my wealth of gourmet experience to provide our residents with restaurant quality meals every day.

You can contact Matt at