What makes us different

We could start by talking about the qualifications of our staff and the excellent standard of care they provide, the beauty of the buildings and grounds or perhaps our incredible facilities. However, that isn’t what we think truly sets apart from any other care home. 

What does is our personal touch, we think of Broome Park as a family home — where residents and employees form strong, genuine bonds. 

We work together to support the people in our care and strive to provide them with happy and meaningful lives. We put the residents first, their likes, dislikes and relish the time that we get to spend talking and laughing with them and their loved ones.


Our Values 



Giving careful consideration to the needs of others at all times is the only way to run a care home.


We understand everyone’s right to feel seen, be heard and to give and receive without judgement.


Together we achieve more. Building solid teams and long-term relationships helps ensure outstanding care.


We listen to what people are saying – residents, families, staff, support organisations and the wider community.